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Z1DS series are direct operated check valves.
Technical data

Opening pressure (MPa)
Flow rate ( L/min)
Oil temperature range (¡ãC)

Installlation dimensions refer to 4DWG6,4DWG10.
The Detail of Modular Check Valve Description:
ProductName:Modular check valves
Model No:Modular Check Valve
Product Origin:China
Brand Name:Ningbo Hanshang Hydraulic Co.,Ltd.
Price Terms: FOB NINGBO, CIF to your requested destination port
Payment Terms:T/T, L/C
Delivery Lead Time:30 days normally
The Detail of Modular check valves
Model No:Modular check valves
ProductName:Modular Control Valves
Product Origin:China
Brand Name: The directory of chinese manufactures
Price Terms: FOB Ningbo
Payment Terms:FOB T/T CIF L/C
Supply Ability: 300,000-400,000sets/month
Delivery Lead Time:about 30 days
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